Pure Rhetoric!

Education for organisations, businesses, agencies, universities, and associations

Vir Bonus offers customized and sustainable training in communication. Customized means that it is tailored to the customer’s needs and includes active participation. Sustainable means that it provides principles and tools that last over time, not just for one season.

Prof. Hietanen at a lecture at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden, March 2022. Photo: M. Hietanen.
  • Speaking in front of an audience.
  • Compelling presentations.
  • Persuasive argumentation (oral and written).
  • Training for teachers (speaking, debating, arguing, critical thinking, active citizenship).
  • Commissioned educations: you choose the theme!

More information: Educations. Get in touch to plan this year’s trainings. There are opportunities for both quick moves and planning well ahead for next year.

In a world of quick-fix training that is quickly forgotten, my idea is to offer sustainable educations; educations that meet a real need and that participants benefit from for years to come.

Prof. Hietanen
Vir Bonus’ Principal Educator
Prof. Hietanen. Photo: Hassan Salah, Tunis, Nov. 18, 2022.

Execution & scope

The scope and delivery of the educations depend on your needs. A typical delivery is half or full day + half or full day with a task between the two days, which are one to six weeks apart. Other options range from half a day to three full days. Follow-up and in-depth training on an annual or biennial basis is also an excellent method. The number of participants is unlimited but the methods are of course chosen according to group-size and situation. Educations are given on site or on distance, or as a combination.


Prof. Hietanen has a unique experience in communication training in different settings, for different audiences, and for different purposes. His focus on a participatory approach, on practical application, and on sustainable principles make his educations truly useful and memorable. See more on the page Who?

Depending on the structure, scope, and number of participants, some courses are given together with one or more other experienced educators.

By definition, a good speaker is also a good person. To become a better communicator is to become a better person. I strive for all our educations to contribute to a better world, to a cleaner rhetoric.

Prof. Hietanen
Vir Bonus’ Principal Educator